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The Good Lord said that “the poor will be with us always”…I am now convinced that the happily ignorant and uninformed will out last them.

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So it begins…

So now it begins. I have lost confidence in the decency of some Americans. Over the last few days that it has become apparent that Mitt Romney will be the nominee, I have witnessed a despicable display that is similar to a despicable display that my father told me about when I was just a little boy. Many news people, as well as, mouthpieces for a political party and “christians” (no Capital C because they are not following the fundamental teaching of Christ, love one another.) are attacking the fitness of Romney because he is a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This attack should be considered by any rational or thinking person “as immoral indecent and disgusting.” This church has been called a cult and has been misrepresented in the media much the way the Catholic Church was when John F. Kennedy ran for office in 1960. The words in quotes above are the words my father used to describe the attacks on Kennedy and the Catholic Church in 1960. My father was a protestant. Is this what we have become? The answer is YES, at least some of us.

This particular attack on Romney and his faith by political operatives and the media, sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart, is hypocritical. Unless of course these folks want to put their convictions where their mouths are and demand that the Democrats in the U.S. Senate remove Sen. Harry Reid, a Mormon from Nevada from his leadership position. That would be despicable as well and it won’t happen because those who are raising this question suffer from the disease of “situational ethics and opinions.”

I remember how the media called foul when people questioned the Presidents faith and they were right, now they seem this type of attack is just fine.

We can’t be critical or defame some faiths but it is acceptable to it to others. It is disgusting. I am proud that I was fortunate enough to be an American and I am proud that my grandparents came here and waited in line to have the opportunity to build a life here. I am not so proud of some Americans who trade decency for political expediency.

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BearhounD7 Productions to Participate in the 2012 48 Hour Film Project

BearhounD7 Productions after taking 2011 off to shoot a documentary will participate in the 2012 St. Louis 48 Hour Film Project. The project will be produced by James Sodon, Bill Sharpe, Lou Conrad and Associate Margaret Robb Sharpe. Bill Sharpe will direct with Joey Jetton as cinematographer. Tim Devereaux returns as editor.

The 48 Hour Film Project takes place June 1-3, 2012.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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